Cambio de hora, foto y música.

Espero que os guste a todos mis seguidor@s.

jimmy lacy brings a decade of wild synthesizer to his latest and most personal project to date, SiP. when the music is good the synths and rhythm beats clear space to think about life and the decisions that find you here. this is not music for dancing, but may it embolden positive steps!

El triangulo.

Hola amig@s:  es el lugar donde cogemos energía haciendo una ascensión y sera donde nos cargaremos de energía celestial. (con el tercer ojo tendremos

otra posibilidad. ).

Sobre carga 2.

Hola amig@s:  os  dije que cuando se produce descarga eléctrica en las neuronas del (cerebro) a eso se le llama (epilepsia).


Hola amig@: sabéis que si os levantáis con la lengua inchada: coger un limón exprimirlo y tomarlo con agua fría mejorareis.

Musica Relax de Arpa.

Mary Lattimore is a harpist from Philadelphia whose evocative compositions for solo harp have made her a unique presence on the music scene. In addition to her solo work, she has collaborated with artists as diverse as Meg Baird, Thurston Moore, Jarvis Cocker, Kurt Vile, and Fursaxa. 2016 has been a busy year for Mary. She released three records: one solo (At the Dam), one with Jeff Ziegler (Music Inspired by Philippe Garrel’s Le Révélateur) and one with Maxwell August Croy (Terelan Canyon). She has also toured extensively. One of her tour dates this year was at WFMU’s own Monty Hall, where this set was recorded during her October 7th appearance. Mary played a Lyon and Healy Concert Grand harp used in conjunction with an electronic effects unit. The complete set of four pieces was subsequently broadcast on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko on November 7th. You can also hear Mary performing with Fursaxa on the FMA.  Recorded live at Monty Hall, 10/7/16. Recorded live by Matt Marando and Ruth Hayduk. Mixed for broadcast by Ernie Indradat.

To listen to the full show, please visit:

Extraterrestres. 2.1

Hola amig@s: una pregunta haceros. Con tantos planetas en el universo y mundos mi opinion y experiencia es que tiene que existir vida, aunque cueste aceptarlo.


Hola amig@s: cuando a gamos asistencialidad  lo aremos en compañía de dos seres de luz . En el viaje a dar energía a otros seres.